About Us

Giulia Materia is a brand which combines design and handicraft, recovers old crafts understanding them in a modern tone. Furthermore the decontextualization, in Giulia’s opinion, confers something more to the object,  an emotion. 
The collection of fabric accessories, from the city bags to the pencilcases, is realized with cotton, upholstery and canvas for the beach chairs. The clothing is recognisable thanks to a simple, colored and polished style which mark out everything that is “Giulia Materia”.

From the whole manufacturing course there is no waste left, nothing is left of the material purchased by us.
The advanced fabrics from the production of clothes are used for the realization and finishing of the accessories and with the pieces still advanced by this step we produce also the smallest pieces of fabric became dressed bottons!

Everything is handmade in Florence.

We collaborate with other small local craftsmen, from tailoring to typography for our postcards and business cards.

We hope that human relationships, which we establish with the realities around us, give our products a particular character that makes each product unique, capable of transmitting the value of the work to our customers.

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